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October 5-7

SIGDOC ’09 was a smashing success!
The conference was a great mix of research, theory and practice, industry and academia, and expert and novice—all across various disciplines. Such diversity in action is refreshing if not reinvigorating. Very few conferences are able to enable a sense of community in the way that SIGDOC does, where we create a certain cohesiveness despite our seeming disparateness. For a few days in October, on the beautiful IU campus in Bloomington, we came together as a community to share stimulating perspectives, to explore multiple technologies, and to discuss issues, methods, and case studies, etc. in communication design—when we might not have done so otherwise, given that we’re scattered across various academic and research institutions and various small businesses and large multinational corporations in various countries across the globe. And that’s what helps make SIGDOC a great conference.

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