The 23rd International Conference on Design of Communication

Documenting & Designing for Pervasive Information

Sept. 21-23, 2005; Coventry, UK


Welcome to SIGDOC 2005!

Pervasive computing delivers information technology into new environments for new purposes – in everyday products, in implanted and wearable devices, in global sensor networks, and in micro-machines. Innovation is needed, both to describe and document these systems, and to understand and exploit their potential for information gathering and retrieval. SIGDOC is a multi-disciplinary forum, bringing together communicators, information designers, computer scientists and others. We now invite these communities to propose and report the research that will produce this innovation.  

SIGDOC 2005 will provide an opportunity for the exchange of information related to exciting new research and empirical results in areas such as:

  • Documenting mobile, pervasive and component-based systems
  • Information design for delivery in a pervasive-computing environment
  • Design for new communication media - interactive, 3-D, audio and others
  • Culture and communities communicating in a pervasive environment
  • Gathering and presenting information from pervasive computing networks
  • Usability of information in a pervasive environment

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